So, for Apps or Wallets? Both. TES just helps the two to play together.
Wallets get open
  • capability to spend crypto in the Apps
  • do you really need anything else?
  • ok: a capability to spend crypto in the Apps!!!
  • for both blockchain and classic Applications
  • audited, reliable TES Core made in Rust
  • to build from scratch or to integrate
  • 100% open source
Apps stay apps
  • native and hybrid. iOS and Android
  • works with any compatible Wallet: no brand locking
  • dApps and non-blockchain Apps accepting crypto
  • multiple networks support: Ethereum, Cardano, Bitcoin, etc.
  • any level: hardcore Web3 or just payments requests
  • 100% open source
What's in the box? Tesseract in a nutshell
Open Wallet Protocol

Open Standard of communication between the Wallets and Applications. Can be implemented by any Wallet App or Hardware Wallet to enable interaction with the blockchain (or crypto payments) applications. Full Web3 support and more.


It does not matter what you build, an App or a Wallet. Implementing the protocol from scratch is a heck of a job. Save your time for better things and use our Open Source, audited, secure SDK for iOS. Also, we are always glad to help with the integration. Ping us through the contact form or on GitHub.

Android SDK

Even though we've started with Apple's platform, we kept Android guys in mind since the beginning and did not do any compromise. Both SDKs are built on top of the same code, providing easy bindings to Kotlin. Use it as you use any other library, still leveraging the power of native core made in Rust.

TES Core

Security and stability are our #1 priorities. We chose one of the industries best tools to develop our core libraries: Rust by Mozilla. Enjoy audited, secure and open source TES components in pure Rust or via native wrappers (iOS, Android, JS, etc.). Suitable for all wallet and app types, either it is a Mobile app or an Enterprise-level solution.

Tesseract Wallet

Tesseract Wallet is our reference implementation and the very first Wallet to support Open Wallet Protocol. No need to keep a private key for every blockchain Native app anymore. Built for any level of user: either you are a hardcore Web3 developer or a beginner starting with crypto - we hope you'll enjoy the experience provided.

Tesseract Browser

Even though we hope the big-name browsers will join blockchain initiative and eventually implement Open Wallet, we don't want you to wait. Start using Web3-rich apps in your mobile browser today in a truly secure way. No 3rd-party JavaScript will run in the app containing your precious private keys: Browser for Apps, Wallet for Crypto - separated, still working together.

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