Enable any existing web3 dApp
with just several lines of code
import { Tesseract, Network } from '@tesseractjs/ethereum-web3';

// Configuring RPC urls for the library.
Tesseract.Ethereum.Web3.rpcUrls = {
  [Network.Main]: 'wss://ethereum-mainnet-rpc-url'

// Creating Web3 instance. Try to reuse existing instance of Web3 in your app.
const web3 = await Tesseract.Ethereum.Web3(Network.Main);
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 More Examples
  • 100% Decentralized

    Based on the Open Wallet protocol, which directly links a dApp to the Wallet

  • Web3 compatible

    Wrapped with vanilla Web3 library, keeping complexity behind the scene

  • 3d-party Pluggable

    Inject any other node or wallet protocol giving your users all options they may want

  • Zero-Effort Transition

    Use the technologies you already know and love, configuring Tesseract with 3 lines

  • Open Protocol

    Compatible with any wallet that supports Open Wallet communication protocol

  • User-Centric Design

    Engineered to envelop blockchain technology around the users' habits

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