The Spiderpig

Minecraft Server Project -

The Story:

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The Info:

Minecraft Server

Server name: The Spiderpig
Server address:
Port (optional): 25565
Server Version: Minecraft 1.11
Server Software: Spigot

Testing Server (usually down):

Discord Voice comms FTW!

Login here

Use the widget to get and automatic invite. You can also install the Discord client for better performance and universal push-to-talk mode.


Login here

Team name: ΚΦΩ
Channel name: #minecraft
If you are not already in the team, you can ask me for an invite!


Dynmap It's working!

Login here

Dynmap is a web overview map of the server. Click the link above to open it. It is real-time, it shows who is online and their whereabouts, and includes chat support! Change the current view with the buttons in the sidebar.

The first time you open the map you will need to register. Be sure you are online in The Spiderpig, type "/dynmap webregister" in the chat and use the code you are given to register in the web map. Use the same name you use in Minecraft when registering.
If you ever forget your password, you can repeat the process in order to create a new one!

Web address:

EditableSign Coming Soon™

TitleMotd Tool

Vault API

VillageInfo Tool

VillageInfo provides information about the current Village in the chat area (Center and Radius, Houses, Villagers, Golems and Reputation).

To use type "/villageinfo" or "/vi" at chat console while inside a village. Click here for more information.